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bagel seasoning

3 naughty keto snacks and the condiments that make them

Dieting can be boring. Endless Kale, quinoa and cauliflower with nothing decadent in sight.  Every single meal should be special and delicious but when we think about dieting sometimes it can be ha...

chilli sauceFermented or Unfermented hot sauce: Which is best?

Fermented or Unfermented hot sauce: Which is best?

There’s a lot of hot sauce out there and increasingly you, the hot sauce fans want to experiment with your own recipes. But what kind of sauce do you try? Fermented or unfermented? Cooked or not co...

chilli sauceThe 6  hottest UK hot sauces you can find in the big supermarkets

The 6 hottest UK hot sauces you can find in the big supermarkets

We've all bought something that said CAUTION EXTRA HOT with a skull symbol or 5/5 chilli peppers on the packet just to find that it’s merely a bit warm. Soooo disappointing – why do the big shops d...

agent orangesacred chilli agent orange

HOT SAUCE REVIEW: Sacred Chilli Agent Orange

The citrus from the orange is really pleasant, you get the pepper flavour from the Reapers after that

chilli sauceraijnmakers brain buzzer review

Hot Sauce Review: Raijmakers Brain Buzzer

Hot but still got the a lot of for the taste slot.

chilli sauceaka miso the last dab xxx

The 10 Hottest Hot Sauces (That still have flavour)

Even the hottest hot sauces can still be packed with flavour, finding them however can be a challenge! You see the problem with super hot sauces is that in order to get that level of heat you have...