Here, Condiments are sacred.

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You want variety and yet...

Supermarkets are all the same

Full of mass produced sauces and seasonings that are uninspiring. It's not their fault either... they have to cater to the masses. But you're not the masses.

We are the alternative




A true flavour enthusiast. A lover of condiments.

"Do you want some fries with your ketchup? You're some kind of condimaniac!"

Born from an obsession

Condimaniac started life as a reviews feed that wrote elaborate critiques on condiments from all over the world. Much in the same way that posh people might waffle about fine wine.

Bored of the usual selection

You can get ketchup anywhere. Our obsession attracted other people like us who enjoyed experimenting with food and so we started to make our own creations, always aiming to create delicious things that captured your imagination.

Every meal counts. So experiment.


Happy condiment fans

These are your frickin' award-winning sauces and seasonings!

Gordon Ramsay

It does what it says, everything does taste like pizza it's amazing! Best seasoning I've ever bought


These are delicious! The perfect balance of sweet and spicy and so morish! I only got them this morning and I have like 3 pickles left 😅


Want more control?

Customise your own hot sauce. From the base flavours to the heat and label.

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Give your sauce a name

Points given for imagination.

Add your image

Make the label your own with a custom image.

Choose your flavours

From the base ingredients to the heat of the chillies. The choice is yours!

New in this season

Pumpkin Spice is back!


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Sides for your condiments

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cauliflower cheesecauliflower cheese toasty

Cauli-cheese, Ham & Onion Gravy Toasty

This is my new favourite way to use roast dinner leftovers.

cauliflower cheesepizza cauliflower cheese

Cauliflower Cheese with a Twist

Tis the season to be cheesy. This cauliflower cheese is made even better by making it taste like pizza.

all the ranchpizza cream tea

Pizza Scones with Ranch Whipped Cream

Savoury cream tea anyone? You have to eat this to believe it.