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HOT SAUCE REVIEW: Sacred Chilli Agent Orange

sacred chilli agent orange
HOT SAUCE REVIEW - It’s time again to look outside our own bottles and see what the scene has to offer. We stay informed and you get to discover new sauces. Next up is Sacred Chilli (Review by @kierkemp)

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Origin: (Royal) Tunbridge Wells, UK.

sacred chilli agent orange


👁 Nice dainty little bottle. Same setup as @peckhamsauceco bottle wise but that’s not a bad thing. I mean how many hot sauce companies use that boring old Worcester sauce bottle? We used to! The label is cool too.


👃 Nose isn’t giving too much away. I can definitely detect the Reapers as you can’t really miss them and a little back nose tang from the citrus but that’s about it.


👅 Sour and tart is what I get first. The citrus from the orange is really pleasant. You get the pepper flavour from the Reapers after that, I’m also detecting a hint of some cheeky spices. The heat is very slow-acting and as is often the case with Reapers and that’s why this is a 4. To get a heat experience that f**ks you up you really need another, more fast-acting chilli. It’s hot though, don’t get me wrong. You just have to wait a little. Flavour wise it’s delicious but for my tastebuds could do with a little more seasoning. There’s a touch of bitterness which might be the coffee but there’s not enough of it for me to be sure.


👭 This is pretty versatile. Deffo great for a burger but the citrus-edge also lends itself perfectly well to a salsa or even some roasted veg.


🍕 It’s a good consistency. A tiny bit of separation but that’s fine when it’s all natural. I’d slather this over lots of my food. _ To conclude it’s a banger. Feel like with a few really tiny tweaks this sauce could be in the hot sauce hall of fame.


sacred chilli agent orange ingredients

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