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Hot Sauce Review: Raijmakers Brain Buzzer

raijnmakers brain buzzer review

HOT SAUCE REVIEW - It’s time again to look outside our own bottles and see what the scene has to offer. We stay informed and you get to discover new sauces. Next up is @raijmakersheetmakers. Thanks to for sending us this one! (Review by @kierkemp)


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐




Origin: Netherlands.


brain buzzer


👁 I love the presentation of these sauces. The bottles are speciality, then they wrap them in a beautiful little box with that ornate design that makes you feel like what you’re about the experience is really premium. Lovely stuff.


👃 This one smells tart and as is often the case with Reaper sauces - you can detect that distinct smell of HOT chillies. It kind of tingles your nose.


👅 First a lovely sweetness hits you. That’s closely followed by the earthy pepper flavour from the reaper chillies. Much like the smell it’s unmissable and in my mind delicious. After that I’m getting a tiny bit of bitterness and it’s rounded off with a savoury umami. Definitely a well balanced sauce, despite my objection to the 3 different additives used. Heat wise it’s probably in between our Séance and Flying Fox. Very hot but still rife with other ingredients so it’s a delayed building heat.


👫 This is pretty savoury so I’d definitely see it with BBQ for those that like it hotter. Or failing that mix with your tomatoes for a lovely earthy salsa.


🍕 Dipping. It’s a pretty good consistency and doesn’t separate too much after pouring which is a bonus. Not quite as thick as I like but a jolly good effort. _ Overall this is definitely up there with the super hots that nail the flavour, but fails at racking up the additives.


brain buzzer ingredients

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