Condimaniac FAQ

Where are you located?

Our unit is in Chatham, Kent, though Condimaniac was founded in South London. 


How long is the shelf-life of your sauces?

Each sauce comes with a minimum shelf-life of 18 months. For our custom hot sauces, it's a minimum of 9 months. 


Do I need to refrigerate your sauces?

Unopened our sauces are shelf stable – please store them in a cool and dark place, like a cupboard and use them before the date written on them. Once opened, we do recommend you refrigerate them and we state this on every bottle, however, we know many people do not do this and it’s often not an issue as hot sauce is made with vinegar, so has a low pH. It is therefore unlikely anything bad would happen, but we don’t officially endorse this.  


My sauce has separated/has gone a darker colour at the top – is it off?

This is completely natural as we do not use any additives. Just give it a good shake. 


How come your sauces have such a long shelf-life if they are all-natural? Do you add preservatives?

Nope – every ingredient is labelled on the bottle and we never use unnecessary additives such as thickener or artificial preservatives. Vinegar is a natural preservative. We don’t add anything else – the low pH of our sauces make them last a long time. 


Can you make a sauce as hot as Da Bomb? I want to be in pain!

Sauces like that really blow your head off and that's because they are made with extract (pure capsaicin), which makes them extremely hot... but also taste a bit like battery acid. We put flavour first, so our sauces rely on the heat of real peppers, like the Carolina Reaper. Therefore the heat experience cannot be as instant and intense as with extract sauces, but we like to think ours taste a whole lot better! We never intended to make joke sauces, but rather table sauces you want to eat.


Are your products suitable for vegetarians? 

Yes! All our products are vegetarian & vegan friendly.


Are your sauces gluten-free?

Kyubi contains gluten. We do not add gluten-containing ingredients to our other sauces, however, they are not made in a specifically gluten-free kitchen, as we handle ingredients such as soya sauce, which contain gluten. 


Do you have any recipe inspirations I could use your sauces with/in?

Yes! Check out our blog (we are always adding more)


Do you private label/white-label? 

We do. Please send your enquiry to for your bespoke quote - we offer a variety of services like label design suitable for company gifts, wedding favours and more. (Check your spam folder if you are waiting for a reply from us)



What delivery service do you use?

Royal Mail & Parcelforce. We ship via 2nd class parcels. We are currently looking into further options for you to choose from. 


Do you ship internationally?

Yes – we ship to many countries, please search your country at check-out to see if we can deliver to you.


Do you offer express options?

Please message us at if you need rush delivery - we cannot promise it's possible, but we will certainly try. We aim to reply within 24 hours (check your spam/junk folder if you are waiting on a reply).


How long will my order take?

Within the UK, we aim to dispatch orders within 2-3 working days. From dispatch, most orders take around three working days to arrive (Royal Mail 2nd Class). So the total amount of time is usually between 5– 7 days. This time can increase due to bank holidays or other busy post times (Black Friday, Christmas...)

COVID-19 - during the pandemic, Royal Mail has been going through stretches of understaffing, therefore some deliveries can be considerably delayed. Please allow a few extra days on top of the 3 business day delivery aim 2nd class parcels have. 

For international orders, this varies greatly, though orders to mainland Europe usually take 5-10 working days. (COVID-19 means this can be longer) If you have questions about your order, please email and we will be happy to assist. 

CUSTOM SAUCE ORDERS: Processing time for custom orders is one week + shipping, so from ordering to receiving your item(s), allow at least 10 days. 
If you order a custom item with other items, everything will ship together - expect 10+ days. 

CHRISTMAS CUT OFF - at this time we are unable to provide guaranteed last shopping days for Christmas delivery. It's impossible to predict how the increased online shopping and the pandemic will affect delivery times, so our best advice is to order with plenty of extra time to make sure you get your items in time for Christmas.