Sausage Bean and Cheese Melt

XL Sausage, Bean and Pizza Melt

Just like the Greggs classic but XL and with a pizza twist!

lunch boxRamen Lunch Box

Ramen Lunch Box

The easiest way to have delicious ramen on the move. Meal-prep your lunchbox with our Ramen Seasoning and then just add water!

mexicanmexican smash taco

Mexican Smash Tacos

Smoky pork mince smashed onto soft shell tacos, fried and filled with fresh ingredients and then topped with tangy chamoy sauce.

a-ramen-ciniramen arancini balls

A-ramen-cini balls

Fried balls of ramen flavoured rice stuffed with stringy cheese and finished with a ramen flavoured dip.

bad bagelramen baked salmon

Ramen Baked Salmon Rice Bowl

My new rice bowl obsession. Seasoned sushi rice topped with a salmon fillet that's been baked in a range of ramen flavours. 

all the ranchRanch Corn with a Bella Muerte Drizzle

Ranch Corn with a Bella Muerte Drizzle

Corn ribs are dangerous. Ranch corn is king. You'll never eat plain corn again.