pizza cream tea
all the ranch

Pizza Scones with Ranch Whipped Cream

Savoury cream tea anyone? You have to eat this to believe it.

all the ranchRanch salad

Ranch Salad with Pizza Croutons

Succulent chicken and pizza flavoured croutons on a bed of fresh salad. Covered in delicious ranch dressing.

all the ranchSpicy chicken wrap

Siren's Chicken and Ranch Raita Wrap

Succulent tikka marinated chicken thigh, slathered in fruity Siren's Island hot sauce, paired with a creamy ranch raita and then wrapped in a kebab wrap. Perfection.To make vegan: Just use fake chi...

all the ranchRanch Corn with a Bella Muerte Drizzle

Ranch Corn with a Bella Muerte Drizzle

Corn ribs are dangerous. Ranch corn is king. You'll never eat plain corn again.

all the ranchLasaña ranchera 🇲🇽

Lasaña ranchera 🇲🇽

Mexican chilli con carne flavoured tomato sauce and rich creamy ranch flavoured béchamel.

all the ranchLow Carb Barbecued Chicken Shish Kebab

Low Carb Barbecued Chicken Shish Kebab

All the goodness of a chicken kebab with none of the carbs. Perfect for a light summer barbecue!