Vegan Blue Cheese Waldorf Salad
blue bandit

Vegan Blue Cheese Waldorf Salad

A Waldorf salad covered in creamy blue cheese dressing that's vegan.To make meaty: Just swap Quorn for chicken.

all the ranchVegan Turkish Pizza

Vegan Turkish Pizza

One of the best culinary inventions to come out of Turkey. Made vegan!

blue banditVegan Mac and Blue Cheese

Vegan Mac and Blue Cheese

Mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food. Creamy, tangy and 100% plant based.

all the ranchTiktok pasta crisps

Buffalo Ranch Pasta Crisps

Another weird recipe discovered on Tiktok and given our own twist. This combines the best of two brilliant foods, pasta and crisps!

condimentsThe Ultimate Vegan Dirty Fries

The Ultimate Vegan Dirty Fries

Loaded fries are another US import that us brits have adopted. They're decadent and delicious and now, they can also be vegan and still compete with the best.

authenticRecipe: Homemade Smoky Seitan

Recipe: Homemade Smoky Seitan

If you have flour and water, you can make seitan! It's a bit of a process but perfect for if you have a lazy afternoon and want to do something homemade. Vegan and full of lovely meaty textures and...