Korean avocado toast

Korean Style Avocado on Toast

Avocado on toast with an east asian twist. Loaded with a plethora of beautiful condiments. God like.

lunch boxRamen Lunch Box

Ramen Lunch Box

The easiest way to have delicious ramen on the move. Meal-prep your lunchbox with our Ramen Seasoning and then just add water!

a-ramen-ciniramen arancini balls

A-ramen-cini balls

Fried balls of ramen flavoured rice stuffed with stringy cheese and finished with a ramen flavoured dip.

bad bagelramen baked salmon

Ramen Baked Salmon Rice Bowl

My new rice bowl obsession. Seasoned sushi rice topped with a salmon fillet that's been baked in a range of ramen flavours. 

kyubiGilgeori Toasted Sandwich

Gilgeori Toasted Sandwich

This sandwich is inspired by a popular Korean street food called Gilgeori toast! With our own little twists.

dinnerPosh Instant Ramen

Posh Instant Ramen

We're obsessed with instant ramen in the Condimaniac household. I (Kier) eat it at least twice a week (Shin Ramyun ftw) and have probably tried every combination of flavours possible. This is one o...