pizza cream tea
all the ranch

Pizza Scones with Ranch Whipped Cream

Savoury cream tea anyone? You have to eat this to believe it.

all the ranchRanch salad

Ranch Salad with Pizza Croutons

Succulent chicken and pizza flavoured croutons on a bed of fresh salad. Covered in delicious ranch dressing.

eggsEgg on Toast

Cheesy Pizza Eggs on Toast

A super quick way to make the best eggs you've ever had in your life.

pizzaPizza Soup

Pizza Soup

For when regular pizza isn't quite snuggly enough. Get a warm hug with pizza soup.

dipsThree Ingredient Pizza Nacho Dip

Three Ingredient Pizza Nacho Dip

I had some pizza flavoured crisps. So I decided to make some pizza flavoured dip to dip my pizza flavoured crisps into.

CrazyCrazy Crust Pizza

Crazy Crust Pizza

This Crazy Crust Pizza recipe was first published on the back of a bag of Pillsbury flour in 1969!