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What are our PERSONAL favourite Condimaniac products as the founders of the business?

What are our PERSONAL favourite Condimaniac products as the founders of the business?

It's like picking a favourite child. Kind of horrible but a fun thing to think about (?) Not sure, however we both had a deep hard think and here are the results.

(Correct as of March 2022 - who knows what amazing products we will release in the future!)


'Not going to lie it was really hard to narrow it down to this product. I probably use All The Ranch the most and it is a firm fave but deep down my super favourite is probably Bella Muerte.

burned corn hot sauce

It’s our newest sauce currently and a bit left field. One of those ideas we came up with that at first sounded just a bit too strange to really do as a hot sauce because - who makes a sweetcorn hot sauce? Is that even possible? Well, we made it and it works. It’s a mild but super limey-tangy sauce with a charred sweetcorn base, jalapeños and some coriander. And I don’t even like coriander that much… still. I use that stuff all the time and when I do, I enjoy it so much.
My favourite use is as a dip for quesadillas, because nothing cuts through grease like Bella Muerte. It’s intensively fresh, green, sweet, salty, just yummy and the sweetcorn is a nice surprise texture-wise, too.

Naturally it loves anything Mexican so I slather it on tacos, burritos, fajitas, nachos, but it would go amazing in an everyday burger and wrap as well. Anything you need to balance heavy, fatty flavours, Bella to the rescue.
I’m surprised at myself that this is my no. 1 choice, but it deserves it. It’s quite different but not to the point that it can’t be used every day. I don’t know about a product similar to it.

It’s mild but has a hint of spice, meaning you can eat loads of it without hurting yourself. A love letter to Bella Muerte. There you have it. Now give it a try if you haven’t yet :)'



This was actually easy for me. Whilst I love all the stuff we make the one that USE the most has to be our Pizza The Action seasoning, It's just so versatile and with my favourite food being Italian I get a lot of opportunities to use it.

pizza seasoning

I'd say I most commonly use it when I'm feeling lazy and want to make a banging pasta sauce. It really is just as simple as mixing a tablespoon or two of it in with a tin of chopped tomatoes! Then you can use that in a lasagne or just straight up with Spaghetti and meatballs.

My second most common use for it now I think of it is actually in baked beans. Probably once a week me and Jen make ourselves a fried breakfast as a treat and normally baked beans have a habit of being a bit bland. So I bung in a good helping of Pizza The Action and BOOM! They're instantly 100 times better, with a kind of savoury, herby, slightly cheesy flavour that makes them marry beautifully with some hash browns from the CO-OP ( best frozen hash browns we've found!).

Finally I'd say I use it mostly as a pizza topping too. Especially when you've got a freezer full of those really basic £1 ones from the supermarket. Sprinkling a little of this on the top before cooking just elevates them to another level.

So that's my pick for sure! Pizza The Action. Writing this has made me hungry.


Aaand there you have it. Our faves. What are yours?
Kier & Jen

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