Ever wondered which products we never released? Here are 3 of our rejects and why they didn’t make the cut

1. Black Garlic Sauce

Kier became obsessed with making a black sauce (because, ya know, goth) so we actually got some Royal Black chilli peppers from Cornish Chillies as well as black garlic (which is really expensive). The result? Quite a tasty but super THICK sauce. Cost-wise it wasn't working out and it was just a bit too gimmicky - we are always flavour first and this one was just appearance first so back to the drawing board it was!

2. Pineapple, Mustard & Ginger Sauce (or, the original Siren's Island)

We've spoken about this before but Siren's Island (now a mango, habanero and curry inspired sauce) was first meant to be pineapple-based sauce with mustard and ginger. We tried several variations but in the end we ended up scrapping most of the idea in favour of a more classic mango habanero combo with a South Asian twist. To be honest, the first iteration wasn't bad, but our final outcome was just better and even got a Great Taste Award at our first entry in 2020. Pretty cool.

3. Reaper Maple Syrup

In 2020 we experimented with infusing maple syrups with super hot chillies. The results were actually very tasty but we had some issues with crystallisation and also didn't quite have the right bottle for the job. So it's been shelved ever since - maybe we will pick this one back up at some point, but it's not a huge priority.  

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  • Reaper Maple Syrup sounds great (love Black Garlic though) I buy the JD Hot Honey products and they are always crystallising. They sell regardless, so f#ck it, get it made. 😂

    Sam Wellington-Clark on

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