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Our three best breakfast condiments

Our three best breakfast condiments

The most important meal of the day wouldn’t be complete without some next level sauces and seasonings to amp it it. In fact if you’re anything like me and Jen you’ll adorn your morning food medley with a range of them and this morning, before scoffing mine I had the idea to share some of my top tips with you.

So here’s three of our condiments that work best with breakfast, and some ideas for how to use them.


The Good Bagel (Everything Bagel Seasoning) for your eggs.

everything bagel seasoning

Everything bagel first blew up on TikTok when it was used on peppers and cream cheese. Whilst that’s delicious sure, my favourite use for our Good Bagel is actually on eggs. The nutty flavour and the punch of salt really does work wonders for your little fried or poached beauties, so whether you’re having it on toast, with soldiers or as part of a full English I’d always top with a little of that. You won’t go back to naked eggs ever again. 


Pizza The Action (Pizza seasoning) for your beans.

pizza seasoning

I don’t eat plain beans anymore. If there’s one thing you take from this blog just do yourself a favour and elevate your beans for the rest of time with a bit of Pizza The Action. It just works. Baked beans are never seasoned enough other than having loads of sugar, so this just adds that salty, slightly cheesy, herby edge that all beans should have as standard in my humble opinion. 


When it’s breakfast time have those beautiful beans on toast or you guessed it, as part of a fry up. Me and Jen have a little tradition where we do a mini fry up every weekend and it’s always part of mine.


Smokey Dragon (Hot sauce) for your hash browns.

smoky hot sauce

Hash browns are a god tier breakfast element. They’re delicious in their own right but the thing that makes me love them even more is the way they just soak up all the other saucy goodness that’s on the plate. Whether it’s egg yolk, bean juice or…. Hot sauce. They’re like little potato sponges.

Smokey dragon was just made for breakfast. It’s medium hot so it’s not going to ruin the rest of your day and it also has a freshness and subtle smoky after taste that pairs beautifully with sausages and bacon. This morning was different though, I covered my hash browns and they soaked it up until I was left with some kind of spicy, smoky, slightly sweet, slightly savoury pile of potato that made me make noises I don’t usually utter before 9pm. So good. 



So don’t forget maniacs…

Just because breakfast is the first meal of the day doesn’t mean that it can’t be just as loaded with fun additions as any other meal. Even the egg yolk is a kind of dip in itself, and an opportunity squandered is well… rubbish. 

Send me pics of your breakfast sauces when you can. All my love, Kier 

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