What is pizza seasoning and how do I use it?

What is pizza seasoning and how do I use it?

Let’s not mess around, pizza is the best food on earth. Everything should taste like pizza. 

Well now it can. 


What is pizza seasoning? 

Pizza seasoning is a special seasoning blend that brings all the classic flavours of pizza to other dishes as well as enhancing your home-made ones. It brings together classic Italian ingredients, as well as ones that can give inferior ‘non-pizza’ dishes that Pizza-like flavour. Think of it like Kerala Salt & Pepper Seasoning, which brings the taste of a takeaway Chinese to your home kitchen. This is the same but for pizza. 


This is what ours has in it: 

Tomato Flakes 

Garlic Granules 

Sea Salt 

Onion Granules 

Cayenne Pepper 

Nutritional Yeast Flakes 



Smoked Paprika 



How can it be used? 


Pizza seasoning has two primary uses. Firstly, it’s to make your pizza taste better. There are a few ways you can achieve this. 

  1. Simply sprinkle it on the top before you bake. All the lovely herbs and spices will melt into the cheese and create the most delicious topping you’ve ever had. 
  2. Mix it into your tomato sauce to make it even more rich and complex. 
  3. Kneed it into the dough and leave it for several hours. The herbs, garlic and onion will meld into the bread mixture and act as a dough seasoning. Just like those tasty flavoured ones you get at Domino’s or Papa John’s. 

The second use for pizza seasoning is to pizzafy your non-pizza foods. It generally works best if you mix it into things that are liquid or sprinkle it on top of nice fatty things. Some ideas include: 


  1. Mix into your baked beans to pimp your beans on toast. 
  2. Add to soup to make it taste like a bowl of pizza sauce. 
  3. Add to pasta dishes to give them a more complex flavour (feta and cherry tomato bake recipe incoming) 
  4. Sprinkle on your cheese on toast to make it taste like a mini-pizza. 


There’s loads more you can do but where's the fun in me telling you all of them. Pick up some pizza seasoning now and find out for yourself! 

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