Hot Sauce Review: The Devil's Hot Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐
This hot sauce is for "The Devil Within". Packaged in China and distributed by a Chicago based company this was gifted to me by my brother after a hot sauce tasting party. Here's what I thought of "The Devil's Hot Sauce":

πŸ‘ Now obviously the bottle is bonkers. In a good way. I applaud the showmanship that goes into making your entire bottle themed around the sauce. Much like that brand of Crystal head vodka in a skull. This looks undeniably cool and it's BIG.

πŸ‘… Unfortunately where as Crystal Head vodka is actually nice vodka, this is terrible hot sauce. Obviously the whole budget went on the bottle leaving little or nothing for a quality sauce. The first two ingredients are water and vinegar, they then put 3% chilli flakes in to try and trick you with visible seeds but 7% is chilli powder and a bunch of other rubbish. It tastes exactly of what it is, false and powdery, watered down nonsense. It would have been a 1 was it not for the bottle.

πŸ‘« I really wouldn't eat this with anything. Maybe as a dare? Although despite claiming to be 'extra hot' it's really not. So just leave it unopened as a prop, it looks much cooler that way. Or pour it out and put something else in there. Maybe your own sauce?

πŸ• See above, please don't dip anything in this, although the xanthan gum does make is thick enough to do so.

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