Hot Sauce Review: The Devil's Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce Review: The Devil's Hot Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐
This hot sauce is for "The Devil Within". Packaged in China and distributed by a Chicago based company this was gifted to me by my brother after a hot sauce tasting party. Here's what I thought of "The Devil's Hot Sauce":

👁 Now obviously the bottle is bonkers. In a good way. I applaud the showmanship that goes into making your entire bottle themed around the sauce. Much like that brand of Crystal head vodka in a skull. This looks undeniably cool and it's BIG.

👅 Unfortunately where as Crystal Head vodka is actually nice vodka, this is terrible hot sauce. Obviously the whole budget went on the bottle leaving little or nothing for a quality sauce. The first two ingredients are water and vinegar, they then put 3% chilli flakes in to try and trick you with visible seeds but 7% is chilli powder and a bunch of other rubbish. It tastes exactly of what it is, false and powdery, watered down nonsense. It would have been a 1 was it not for the bottle.

👫 I really wouldn't eat this with anything. Maybe as a dare? Although despite claiming to be 'extra hot' it's really not. So just leave it unopened as a prop, it looks much cooler that way. Or pour it out and put something else in there. Maybe your own sauce?

🍕 See above, please don't dip anything in this, although the xanthan gum does make is thick enough to do so.

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I love it I am a huge fan hot sauce I need to buy 2 more

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