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Scorpion pepper sauce review: Mahi vs Dr. Burnorium

Scorpion pepper sauce review: Mahi vs Dr. Burnorium
Time for our next 'Vs' feature. I'll take similar sauces by different brands and compare their strengths and weaknesses. Today we're looking at two Scorpion pepper based sauces. I picked up Mahi at Tesco and Dr Burnorium on my recent trip to @flaminglicks place in Dorset.
👁 I feel the Mahi sauce wins in this category but only just. The colours are great and it's pretty modern looking. Psycho juice has a hilarious illustration but the general composition isn't quite there graphic design wise.

👃 Neither of them do much for the nose. Mahi edges in again as it has something, mainly vinegar and fresh peppers. Psycho juice is almost disconcertingly devoid of odour.

👅 Again neither of these are particularly premium but at least they both use natural ingredients. Mahi is sweet with a pleasant fresh pepper flavour. The heat is delayed and quite intense but not so much so that it ruins the experience. Overall not terrible but pretty basic. Psycho juice is definitely a sauce that's just about the heat. 70% peppers means it really kicks but lacks anything else really. Including enough seasoning. Quite disappointing.

👫 I'd use Mahi to spice up a salsa and Psycho juice for cooking. It doesn't offer enough in the way of flavour to stand on its own.

🍕 This is where the Mahi sauce really fails. It's as thin as water in a bottle that's got a massive neck. Not good. Psycho juice however does nail the consistency because of all the peppers. One redeeming feature!

⚖ Mahi: ⭐⭐⭐🔥🔥🔥
⚖ Psycho juice: ⭐⭐🔥🔥🔥🔥


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