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Heat Lover’s Ranking: Our spiciest products and how to use them

Heat Lover’s Ranking: Our spiciest products and how to use them

Last updated: 05/08/2022

We've got our fair share of spicy products, but which is the spiciest? Well, here is our ranking for the heat lovers among you.

1. Flying Fox

No doubt, this is the spiciest sauce we do at the moment. As always, we don't do extracts, so it relies on the natural heat of the Carolina Reaper and Habanero peppers (and there are A LOT of them in the recipe). We've tried to keep this as pepper-heavy as possible whilst still providing lots of interesting flavour using garlic and blood orange. The Guild of Fine Food liked it so much they gave it two Great Taste Stars. We rate this a 5/5 on our heat scale and if you or someone you know is a spice lover, then this is our recommendation. 


2. Cheeky Salts

spicy salt reaper

Super hot chilli salts - we have two varieties: Ghost and Reaper. They're very simple, but super potent and a little goes a long way. You're basically grinding salt and pure dried super hot chillies on your food, so yes, it's SPICY!


3. Séance

seance hot sauce spicy

If you enjoy actually tasting your food then Séance might be for you. No doubt it still provides a punch and a building heat thanks to Ghost chillies in the recipe, but it doesn't completely obliterate the flavour of whatever you're putting it on. So whilst you'll most likely suffer a little bit if you use it too liberally, it's still relatively enjoyable. Unless you have no heat tolerance, then it might be quite painful. You've been warned. 


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