5 signs you're obsessed with condiments

condiment obsession

Condiment obsession is a real thing. For us, before we even conceived of selling anything, Condimaniac started as an instagram account that just reviewed sauces. It was a strange past-time but someone had to do it.

But what are the signs of being obsessed with sauces and seasonings? You may well be an obsessive yourself but not even know it...


1. Dry food makes you feel sick:

dried out food


You love your friends but there’s one of them that doesn’t really like sauces on their food and it makes you feel sick.

You wretch as they order a burger from a restaurant without the sauce or grab one of those terrible sandwiches that profess to have ‘no Mayo’ like it’s a good thing. You skin starts to crawl as the dry, crusty bread glues their mouth together without any moisture in sight.

You’ve considered disowning this friend to no longer have to suffer this affront, but you’re not sure that your other friends will understand.


2. Your fridge has at least one shelf dedicated to condiments: 

sauce shelf fridge

Just one sauce with any given meal isn’t enough. You need at least two for variety if not three to keep things interesting and all this sauce requires a lot of space to keep it. That’s before we even get into the pickles, chutneys, jams and spreads that you collect. 

All of this requires a good deal space and to accommodate it, at least one shelf in your fridge is dedicated to condiments of all varieties.


3. You carry sauce in your bag:

hot sauce in bag

You never know what kind of establishment you might end up eating at. Best case it has a great selection of artisan condiments, worst case they give you a bowl of cheap sachets. 

With this in mind you need to travel prepared. So it’s only natural that your bag be stocked with some emergency sauce for just that kind of situation. Hot sauce is usually a winner as it stays fresh, but you’ve also been known to stash a cheeky mini bottle of dressing for special occasions.


4. Your spice rack is bursting at the seams:

spice rack big


Condiments aren’t just for dipping they’re for life and you like to cook. But cooking isn’t the same without an arsenal of flavours at your disposal.

One day you might want to have a slow cook. Grab a glass of wine and make something fancy and for that you need all the usuals. Paprika, sea salt, maybe a little five spice. Banging.

Other days though you’ll want to do something quick and that’s where the spice mixes come in. It’s days like this you’ll reach for the Pizza The Action or everything bagel to add a little extra. 

You struggle to accommodate all this within a normal spice rack. So you either have two, or your collection just tends to spill out onto the counter.


5. You mix together other sauces to make new creations:

mix your own sauce


Occasionally what you have available just doesn’t scratch that itch and when faced with such an appetite you turn to experimenting. 

It might be as simple as just mixing some mayonnaise with some sriracha to make a quick sriracha Mayo, or you may even go the whole hog and mix yourself up a tartar sauce with lemon juice and capers. Regardless though, sauce mixology has become an unforeseen pastime. 

So are you obsessed?

If you answered yes to 2 of more of these then the chances are that you're just as obsessed with us. If you answered yes to all 5 then hell we should probably give you a job!

whilst you're here. Why not scratch that itch and buy some of our stuff to add to you collection?


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4 outta 5 I’ve not reached carrying my sauces in a bad yet

Denise Elmre

Denise Elmre

Your Ranch Seasoning has changed my life! As an American, I remember having ranch dressing as a child. It was great. But now I can’t find anything to compare. Until… Condimaniac Ranch seasoning mixed with anything and everthing is my go-to sauce now. Can’t get enough of it! Thanks so much Jen & Kier!

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