Are condiments bad for you?

Are condiments bad for you?

Condiments get a bad rep. You often hear about how much sugar tomato ketchup has or how mayonnaise is just fat. Whilst those things are true, asking if condiments are bad is like asking if drinks are bad for you. Sure, some of them will be full of sugar and additives but some are super-healthy and full of vitamins.  

It’s rare that we question if drinks as a whole are a bad idea, so condiments should be no different. 

The real question is WHICH condiments are bad for you and can you have great flavour without all the bad stuff?  

We’re not going to lie, salt and sugar taste good. That’s why Heinz sell so much Ketchup. And those ‘Skinny’ sauces just aren’t the same, it feels like something is missing. 

So we’re not here to recommend condiments that are imitations of the real thing. Instead let’s look at some condiments that just ARE good for you by design.  


Hot sauce  

Hot sauce is great as the base recipe is just chillies, vinegar and a little salt. It has very little calories and also has the added health benefits that come with ingesting capsaicin. Which many claim burns fat, improves blood pressure and relieves pain.  

You need to be careful though! When choosing your hot sauce, check out the ingredients as some can still have a bunch of added stuff. That’s why we include the nutritional info on all our listings so you know exactly which flavour is best for you. 



Salsa is a great go-to if you want something fresh and zesty but the best thing? It’s made out of nothing but natural goodness. Tomatoes, lime juice and the coriander all pack loads of flavour but have very few calories so you can chow down on salsa all day long without having to worry about the waist line. 

As well as the obvious Mexican food it’s also great with pizza, on sweet potatoes or even with your scrambled eggs in the mornings. Fill your boots! 



Hummus is so much more than just a dip. Another classic with only a few ingredients the chickpeas make it taste almost creamy and that makes it great for using in sandwiches as a healthy, vegan alternative to mayo or butter.  

Chuck some roasted veg, falafel and maybe some of that delish quorn ham stuff in between some bread and you’ll be heaven. 



You’d be hard pressed to find more flavour packed into a small space that with pesto. Whilst it does have a high fat content the fat is in the form of raw olive oil that actually has a decent amount of health benefits 

Whilst you’re probably used to using pesto mostly with your pasta it’s also great as a spread or for using as a base for other sauces. Try spreading on focaccia, sprinkling with olives and sundried tomatoes and then melting on some mozzarella for an amazing lunch. 


The moral of the story?  

Condiments get a bad rep but not only can they be good for you they’re the key to making a good meal amazing. So do your research, think outside the box and if you ever need some more inspiration, check out our recipes. 

Over and out. 


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