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How to use our UK Ranch Dressing Dry Mix & Seasoning ‘All The Ranch’

How to use our UK Ranch Dressing Dry Mix & Seasoning ‘All The Ranch’

We love Ranch. It's super popular in the USA and probably the go-to dressing and overall dip-condiment there; but here in the UK it's still somewhat of a unicorn.

Sure, you can find one or two so-called 'Ranch-Dressings' in certain supermarket aisles, but is it the real deal? We think not. They're still good - just not quite it. We feel like we've come up with something a little closer to what real Ranch should taste like. 

You might have read this far and think to yourself 'Well, I've never tried real Ranch, what does it taste like?'
The answer is: It's hard to describe, but think of a tangy garlic dip that's really indulgent and thick. You know that powder on the original blue 'Cool' Doritos? That's a bit like it. 

So whilst you can certainly import the OG Ranch from overseas, we present to you: All The Ranch by Condimaniac. A UK Ranch seasoning and dressing mix, made right here in the south of the UK.

It's a super-fine powder and comes in a glass shaker - you can use it like a seasoning - pretty much like the dust on Doritos (try it on chips, roast potatoes...) or - and I really recommend you try this - use it as a dressing mix! 

The instructions for this are on the bottle, but today I wanted to share a few more versions you can try as well.

1 - the 'original' way:

Mayo and Milk. I know it sounds weird, but Ranch dressing is basically made from a base of mayonnaise, but pure mayonnaise would make it real thick. So to combat that, mix equal parts (so for example, 2tbsp of each) mayo (any mayo, vegan or the one made from egg) and milk (any unsweetened milk, be it from a cow, an almond or a soy bean) and then mix. It will be lumpy at first, but persevere and after a minute or so you have a lovely, lush and creamy base. Add All The Ranch (same amount, so in this case 2tbsp) and give it a stir. Voila, you basically made Ranch dressing! You can totally enjoy it right away, but to get the full potential of flavour, we recommend you refrigerate the mix for 20-30 mins, give it another stir an then indulge. It gives all those herbs a moment to really infuse the mayo and milk mix. Yum.

2 - the 'super quick' way

Okay, mixing mayo and milk can be a bit of a pain, sometimes there is a Ranch emergency and who has the time? Sour cream to the rescue. This is also great for anyone who hates mayo (I know you guys exist. I won't judge). Sour cream is a great vehicle for the dry mix so just substitute it for the milk/mayo mixture and you're on your way. Greek yoghurt works equally well, though I will say the full-fat 10% one makes it taste a whole lot better than fat-free. Though you can certainly try that too if you're watching the calories or fat-intake, just remember that Ranch is meant to be a bit of a sin and fat carries a lot of flavour. It might still be good, just not as good. 

3 - the 'cheat' way

At the end of the day we put in your hands a magic mixture that will turn pretty much anything into a tasty, Ranch-y sauce. So ... freestyle it. You can add it to almost any white dip - sour cream and onion, sour cream and chives, garlic dip, caesar dressing, bechamel (!), white pasta sauce, you name it. Add some All The Ranch, stir it up and you've almost certainly just brought something that was already good to beyond delicious. Only thing to be mindful of is that All The Ranch does contain salt, so if what you're adding it to is already super salty, it might make it a bit much. You can combat that by adding some plain mayo, or Greek yoghurt, or sour cream... you get the idea. 

So, here we are, these are just some of the ways you can use All The Ranch to make a delicious sauce, dip, dressing & more. We hope you give it a try - let us know what you think :)


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