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Our products and avocados: how to really liven up the old Avo On Toast

Our products and avocados: how to really liven up the old Avo On Toast

Who doesn't love a good old avocado on toast? 

But sometimes it's nice to switch things up so here are 5 tweaks you can make to this popular dish using our products:

1. The Good & Bad Bagel seasonings
Ok it's perhaps really obvious, but it's so good, we have to mention it. Bagel seasoning on avocado toast is a match made in heaven. Not only does it add a lovely nutty flavour, the flaky sea salt provides just the right amount of seasoning. Use our Bad Bagel if you want an extra chilli kick!

2. Bella Muerte quick guac
Mash an avocado and add 3-4 tablespoons of Bella Muerte, give a mix and add salt to taste - voila, you've made a super quick, lazy form of guacamole. Add some sliced tomatoes on top for extra texture.

2. Pizza The Action avocado
Is it a bit out there? Maybe, but why not pizzafy avo on toast? Either sprinkle it straight on or for next results, mix it straight into your avocado mash to your taste. Due to containing salt and nutritional yeast it will provide a super savoury flavour profile. 

4. This avocado toast is All The Ranch
Get it? It's... all the rage. Anyway: Ranch and avocado are great together. Sprinkle it straight on as a finishing touch, it'll add creaminess as well as notes of onion and garlic. 

5. Cheeky Salts for cheeky avocado toast
If you like it spicy and The Bad Bagel doesn't cut it for you, give our Cheeky Salts a go: We got both Ghost and Reaper infused salts guaranteed to provide that kick you're after. Grind straight on your prepared avocado toast and enjoy the pain. 


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