'The Good Bagel' - UK Everything Bagel Seasoning: Pairing Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of!

'The Good Bagel' - UK Everything Bagel Seasoning: Pairing Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of!

If you've followed us for any amount of time you probably know about our UK take on Everything (But The) Bagel Seasoning 'The Good Bagel'. We've sold thousands of thousands of it - also of 'The Bad Bagel', which is a version we make with added ghost chilli for a spicy kick. 

Most of our customers like to use both seasonings topped on Avocado toast or cream cheese-filled bell peppers, but there are actually a lot of other uses, too. We've made several TikToks about some pairings before (we're just called @condimaniac there by the way!), but we'll compile them here for you in one handy spot so you can get inspired.

1 - Chips/Potato Wedges
Cannot stress how underrated this combination is! Potatoes of course love salt, so it's a match made in heaven. Sprinkle a generous amount over freshly cooked, crispy chips and enjoy. 

2 - Tofu crust/marinade
Press your firm tofu and then let it sit in a mixture of soy sauce, maple syrup (or honey), sesame oil and some The Good Bagel. After at least 30 mins of soaking, fry it up in some more sesame oil and you'll get a lovely, flavourful crust.

3 - Ramen topper
I know it sounds strange, but we've actually had several customers suggest this one too! And it does work. It makes sense - sesame is a popular ramen topper and The Good Bagel contains both black and white sesame - the other ingredients just seem to give a lovely extra something.

4 - On beans on toast
Beans on toast doesn't have a whole lot of texture so a sprinkle of bagel seasoning can really add that little bit of crunch and flavour needed to slightly finesse those beans in tomato sauce.

5 - Eggs
Bagel seasoning loves eggs in all forms. Fried, poached, boiled... yum

6 - Salad topper
If you like seeds and nuts in your salads, try a little sprinkle of bagel seasoning, which also adds some extra salt.

So there you have it; a few ideas on how to pair bagel seasoning you may not have though of yet. Got other ideas? Please share - we are @condimaniac pretty much everywhere and always love seeing your photos, recipes and comments!




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