The supermarket can't satisfy your condiment obsession. But we can.

The supermarket can't satisfy your condiment obsession. But we can.

We don't have beef with the supermarkets. But if you're the kind of person that likes to try interesting food then often they can leave you wanting.

Especially for people like us that enjoy sauces and seasonings. We've all had Tabasco and Paprika, it's fun to mix it up sometimes.

It's not the supermarkets fault either. Mass retail by design have to cater to everyone and the reality is that most people just want to stick with comforting and familiar flavours. As a result their selection can be a bit safe.

Like, where am I going to go for my Ketchup that tastes like Onion Gravy? Or my twentieth bottle of hot sauce to add to my collection?


onion gravy ketchup

That's where we come in...

Condimaniac was founded by condiment obsessives, for condiment obsessives, and we see it as our job to innovate and provide people like us with the things that they can't get easily elsewhere.

To do that we make sure that we're constantly inventing.


Our Core range stays the same.

We started by making hot sauces with interesting chillies like the Komodo Dragon and went from there. Now we have a core range that includes everything from everything bagel seasoning to chilli salts and beyond. The idea is that these are condiments and flavours that you might have not tried before.

That range stays largely the same and we do our best to keep those things in stock so that you can go back to your favourites.

condimaniac core range

But our wider range changes all the time. 

We do this to keep things fresh and give you guys new things to try. First we'll test new recipes with people from our members club Club Maniac (incoming, watch this space), then we release them to our wider customer base.

Every new release gets announced to the mailing list and if people like it, then it stays in the core range. If it's not as popular then it gets taken out. Kind of like what fashion brands do!


Don't worry... old favourites won't disappear entirely.

Anything that gets taken out of the wider range becomes a Condimaniac Alumni. These are things that we've taken out of regular rotation but come back occasionally when there's enough demand.

We gauge that demand by how many people register for back in stock alerts. So if there's something that you'd like to try, just hit the 'notify me when back in stock' button by the product you like!


So if you love condiments as much we do. Don't remain quiet.

This is a two way conversation and if we're to keep making things that you want then we can't do it alone. So let us know if there's something that you really want but can't find anywhere else and we'll add it to the list. 

The best way to get in touch with us is either through our socials or just by sending an email. We also do live streams on TikTok.



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