Ghost Chilli Salt - Condimaniac presents: Cheeky Salt, the perfect spicy salt grinder

There are many spicy chilli salts out there so we weren't sure if the world really needed yet another, however we've tried a few and found that often you can't really taste the chilli flavour, which seems a shame, so we've made sure with ours you get that as well as heat.

We are planning to release a whole range of different chilli salts, but our first cheeky salt is mixed with the mighty ghost pepper (bhut jolokia) - a chilli we love working with (for example it's in our award-winning Séance sauce and in our Smokey Dragon Rub as well as in The Bad Bagel). It's a bit of a mean one to be honest, but that's why it's great.

How do you use chilli salt? Wherever you would normally use salt, but especially as a finishing touch, so for example on a poached egg or an avocado toast. And start with a little, just in case. It's also great in cooking, but here you will lose most of it's flavour and just get the heat. As it's 100g it should last you a long old time though! 

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