5 similarities between hot sauce and craft beer

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Hot sauce is the new craft beer. Much in the same way that craft beer exploded into the mainstream the hot sauce world is seeing a similar renaissance with a deluge of amazing producers sharing their wares with hungry customers. But why? What makes both hot sauce and craft beer so appealing?

1. The artwork is amazing.

You eat with your eyes first. Craft beer uses the can as a canvas and hot sauce is no different. The label design is your first impression and both craft beer and hot sauce often use this to their full advantage. Whether it’s Beavertown beer with their naïve hand drawn style or Truff hot sauce with their luxury feel, having a strong brand is paramount to communicating with your customers and making them excited.

2. You can do it yourself.

One of the best things about both brewing beer or fermenting/cooking hot sauce is that you can do it at home. This fuels an amazing amount of creativity. Millions of people experimenting and creating leads to a huge variety, and more importantly a competitive market that means quality becomes very very important. Beyond that what’s more exciting than being able to experiment with your favourite food at home?! If you’re keen to give it a go, check out our recent blog on how to make hot sauce.

3. There’s a massive variety

This DIY aspect leads to a massive variety of products in the market. This is both a blessing and a curse for beer and sauce alike. A blessing in the sense that HELL YEAH I CAN CATCH THEM ALL but a curse in that the sheer amount of choice can be paralysing. This is why here at Condimanaic HQ we try to break down our sauces into 3 simple areas that help our customers find their flavour. Base, heat and character.

4. The brands focus on quality

Although the base recipes for both beer and hot sauce are really simple, simple recipes demand the best ingredients and that leaves a lot of opportunity for creativity. From using natural spring water in beer brewing to the endless variety of chillies that can be used in hot sauce, even the smallest change in these ingredients can make a massive difference to flavour. This also extends to how you brew/ferment, how long for and at what tempurature.

5. Buying it supports independent businesses

The hunger for variety in the market allows for a vibrant range of independent businesses to flourish. Of course, in both areas there’s dominant (and arguably less delicious) brands, whether it’s Carling beer or Cholula hot sauce. All the things above however separate the truly creative and craft brands from the big names and allow for a whole ecosystem of smaller businesses to thrive.

So maybe you’ve thought about how these two worlds align of maybe not. Regardless though if you’re a chilli head or a craft beer fanatic, take a look at the other side and give something new a try!

If you’re a craft beer fan and found yourself here, head to our site to find your flavour.

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