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3 things that make our super hot sauce 'Flying Fox' so special

3 things that make our super hot sauce 'Flying Fox' so special

You may be wondering why we're so excited? Well, this means we can make a new batch of our 'Flying Fox' super hot sauce. Here's 3 things that make it so special:


1. It uses 3 kinds of chilli.


We're all about creating a layered heat experience. Reapers are great for a heat that lasts, but if you want that punch you need to mix in some Habaneros too. Habs are much more fast acting and this means Flying Fox both comes on fast and gets REALLY hot. That all lays on a base of red chillies (Either fresh Serrano or Bullet).


2. Unlike lots of super-hots it tastes great.


Creating a great super hot sauce is an art form. We don't use extracts here (we think it's cheating and makes the flavour worse) so we're faced with the challenge of having to get enough chilli into the sauce to make it REALLY hot, but also enough other ingredients to imbue the sauce with amazing flavour. We do that by choosing a small list of ingredients that have real intensity.


3. It goes from farm to bottle in a matter of hours.


Because of the relationships we have build with local farmers and wholesalers we're able to get our chillies within 24 hours of them being picked. They've arrived with us today and are going to be bottled tonight. You don't get much fresher than that!


Pleasure and pain all in one pretty little bottle. click HERE to get your hands on yours.

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