Behind Condimaniac is us – Kier and Jen, two condiment-enthusiasts born in London’s music industry: Kier as a singer in Fearless Vampire Killers and Jen who started developing her digital marketing career within labels and agencies.

Beyond the love of sauce and all things spicy we also have a shared passion for gin and rock music. Kier is currently part of the cast of the BBC One TV show Future Food Stars with Gordon Ramsay.


Our odd little story starts back in June 2018 at a BBQ in the garden of our (then one bed) London flat. Kier has always loved all things sauce – he's known for pouring way too much Ketchup on his plate every time he has a meal – and for years it’s been an inside joke that one day he’d start a restaurant centred around condiments rather than food.

Back that June, Jen had started an unrelated Instagram account, showcasing food through photography. Inspired by her work, Kier set to reviewing his extensive sauce collection. We called the account Condimaniac. 

A few months and over a hundred sauces later, we decided to take what we’d learned and turn our hands to making our own. Soon after Smokey Dragon was born and we were hooked.


Our products are made in small-batches, with vegan ingredients. The flavours are designed to be well balanced but exciting, drawing on what we’ve learned as an authority on condiments and wrapping that all in a little rock n’ roll package. We love them, (Kier a little too much as he has a habit of eating the stock) and know you will too. 

​We're two little purists (some would say snobs) when it comes to our products, so we only use and add ingredients we love.

Thanks for visiting our page. We hope to hear from you soon. 

Kier and Jen