"It Costs What It Costs" - How we try and not limit our product range due to price.

"It Costs What It Costs" - How we try and not limit our product range due to price.

'A fiver for that?'
'That's expensive.'

We get those sometimes. And I totally understand - our products aren't cheap. I've actually written a detailed blog post all about that aspect so I won't go into it now. What I actually wanted to talk about is the fact that as a company, we try and not be deterred by what it costs to make something. Large corporations usually set a price before they develop a product and they conduct extensive market research to find out what a consumer would be willing to spend on a certain product. And that makes sense, however it means that a lot of products never get made because the raw ingredients are so expensive that there wouldn't be any profit left to be made for the company if they stick to the top price they've come up with. 

As a small business we feel this is our niche where we can release things that no one else will make. We don't set a price before we make it, it works the reverse way: We have an idea, we perfect the recipe and THEN we calculate how much it actually costs. And based on that, we set our sale price and sometimes that price is a bit high. But it costs what it costs. If we make an innovative product using great ingredients then there aren't many ways to make it cheaper. We often cut into our margin but we can only compromise so much before it's not worth releasing anymore. 

But that's the beauty of what we do. And to be fair, our customers usually get it. 
I've felt inspired to make this post as we are just about to release our newest product (Ramen Mix) and.. it costs what it costs because it's made with awesome but expensive stuff. I hope you'll love it!


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